Danske Facetslibere

(Danish Faceters Guild)

Links til design og opskrifter


27/10 2005: Alle kæder checket og fundet i orden / All links cheked and functioning.
Dvue2 Her kan databasen DataVue2 downloades. Næsten 4000 designs og opskrifter til "fri" afbenyttelse.
Efter nogle stridigheder om ophavsret er nyeste versioner uden slibeopskrifter, men billeder og kildeoplysninger er stadig tilgængelige.
GemCad homepage Facetdesign program. Download programmerne, manualer og tutorials.

Free facet designs online on the www

As compiled from several postings at AFMS/USFG faceters list at Yahoo by Dan Clayton, L.M. Snider and others complemented with my own compilations.

Bob's Rockshop online design collection Largest online design collection except DataVue2.
Jeff Graham's online design collection 27 odd great designs all by Jeff
Old Pueblo Lapidary Club Faceters Companion CD Many designs, articles, and the GemCad Program and documentation. It's 23 MB so probably better to get from a local Guild or friend if you don't have DSL or cable modem.
AFMS a good collection of designs with special emphasis on beginners. Selv om AFMS' Mailliste er overgået til USFG opretholdes denne side endnu.  
The AFMS-faceters list has changed into USFG-faceterslist Their design collection - you need to be a list member to access - is a small design collection but I think any member can post their designs there.
Mariah's Page of Gem-faceting Patterns Small collection of designs collected by Mariah
Torbjörn Lorin of Sweden's designs (#2)  

Faceting Guild design collections and competition designs

USFG's indgang til designs fra deres egne og de Australske facetkonkurrencer. for previous years.
Australian Faceter's Guild annual competition designs Designs for actual competition
Australian Faceters's Guild International Faceters Challenge Designs for actual competition
UKFCG Design collection of The UK Facet Cuter's Guild
Danske facetslibere (Danish Faceters Guild) Collection of members own designs or renderings of designs.

Further listings

Comput-A-Gem Used to have lots of designs on-line, but discontinued the service due to Copyrightproblems. Now restricted to his own designs, which isn't all that bad at all.
As of December 31. 2003, Dick Conley discontinued his monthly release of a new design. But He's kept this side up for the time beeing. This page is now obsolete, but Dan Clayton has got permission to publish Dick's designs on Gems-by-Design.
Dan Clayton Has design pages on his website and lots of usefull information.
International Lapidary Association The Web-page of IFA.
Greg Glenn Gemstone pictures and designs
Claude Marc-Aurèle's design Used to be accesible through Lapilia
John Baileys's online Design John also has information on Oregon sunstone and opal. Plus a very interistin page on Cutting a "Needle cut"
Claude Marc-Aurèle's newer design Dan Clayton is hosting a few of Claude's designs.
Gustavo Castelblanco's designs Dan Clayton is hosting a few of Gustavo's designs.
Lapidary Journal Step by Step instructions.
Michael Hinge on gems and design. Check out his encounter with diamonds.
"Gearloose's" Topaz Heart Design
and his "Barion Blinder Cushion"
At his homepage is descriptions of how to build or retrofit a facettingmachine.
University of Texas - Austin Instructions for an 8-sided SRB.
The original "Faceters Digest" archieves and downloads.
DJ Gems Facetting diagrams Lidt uoverskueligt.
Davis' Original og designs Larry Davis' designs. Still accessible, but page discontinued.
Zensunni UltraTec newsletter of past and concave facettingmachine.
Chris Algar on concave facetting. With cutting instructions and philosophical renderings.
International Gem Society
IGS Members info
Some of the information requires membership.
Sumner's Omelet The late Sumner Olsen's eggs are presented in a picture gallery and there are generic type instructions for cutting several eggs online at: Sumner's general recipe and at Sumner's "Smithsonian" recipe.
Sumner's facetted gems including OMF-facetted are presented in the Gemstone gallery

The U.S. Patent office This last one's is for interest's sake only, being the search page. Search for words like "gem" "diamond" or "precious" AND "stone" or the names of designers etc. Access the Help file if your browser will not display the graphics, there is a free add-on to download. Most are design patents and include diagrams only, some include instructions or further details. Each includes references to relevant previous patents, so you can find quite a few and gain more words and names to use in your search as you proceed.
The Canadian Patent Database is also useful in the same way.
Keep in mind that not only designs can be found in this way, but gemstone related techniques, machines, accessories, etc. can all be learned about. (plus of course everything else that's in the database.) For instance, in the Canadian database. Check out CA 2305067, MUSICAL REPRESENTATION OF GEMSTONE SIGNATURE.
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